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Viet Nam

May 7, 2008


Today, I played truant. I went out for dinner with my friends instead of going to English class. We went to the small restaurant for the traditional foods of the Midle Vietnam.

We usually split my country into 3 parts, the North, the South and the Midle. In these three parts of my country, we have some differences about the cultrure, the manners, customs and the voice.Maybe, that's the reason why my country is said to have a multiform and pfofound cultrure!

Haha, my essay seems be going farer and farer from the title!This is my bad habit. I usually stray from the subject when i write something without the outline done.Therefore, if i have much free time, my essay will be longer and longer, but when i have not enough time, my essay will become a mess without a clear meaning.

i will try to correct this feeble!

By the way, it's very kind of you (who read this blog) to correct my mistake here.Thank you a lot in advance.Hoping to receive your comments.

Best regard!


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