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May 23, 2006

Human such for a lifetime


  I frequently use the speech of "Human such for a lifetime" that warned

oneself and persuades my friends. These seven characters, mention easily,

listens simply, thought very is actually deep. It can cause me when weakly

changes bravely, arrogant when changes modestly, is dispirited when changes

positively, when pain changes happily, can take up to any matter also can

lay down, therefore I called it is"Severe warning"、"Seven characters

admonitions"。--I often thought life difficult worries, the gratitude and

grudges, like has can melt, cannot enjoy, not also this short several dozens

years have vanished into thin air? If so, what also has not to be able to


  The human such for a lifetime, has thought of this speech, if I am a

hero, then must create greater meritorious achievements; If I am a scholar,

then must gain a higher knowledge; If I love any person, then must boldly

tell her. Because today past then no longer came; This passes for a

lifetime, then anything dissipated. A book has not read, a speech has not

said, then again also didn't have the opportunity. This may be precious for

a lifetime, I must grasp it well!

  The human such for a lifetime, you may positively grasp it; Also may

indifferently facing it. Cannot look on the bright side of thing thinks it,

feels relaxed in order to! The spirit is dispirited when thinks it, feels

grateful in order to! Because no matter how, you always very luckily do have

this for a lifetime, cannot come in vain this. (Liu Yong)



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