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December 24, 2007

Goodbye 2007,

For Goodness sake!

Give me a brand-new 2008

I think I am weird and seems not easy to compromise

to everything, no matter to what situation it is, I just want better and better, learn more as I could.

I think growing up is quite bit lonely, probably the environment and family background will expand the gap

between friends around me.

Probably I am hard to share my thoughs with friends,

especially I found they are not interested...

So....as time goes by.....I will be lonely.....


07:02 PM Dec 24 2007


Nobody,in this world,deserves to be that way-let alone;being on their own.We both have one thing in common;We do need a change in 2008,friendship,for instance,should be kept up continously,as it's getting vanished from time to time,but this would be my only reason for me to make u become more acquainted towards me,just stay close to me my friend!!!!!

December 17, 2007

it's a "boring-new" week

my life is really empty.....ha

what is the value to live in this world,

I am wasting oxygen, pasting the time.....

work for money, live for making money,

make money for an unexpected dream..

yep...it's lonely


07:16 PM Dec 24 2007


Everyday,to me,is definitely that way!!!!No friends to talk to,No stuffs to deal with,it really gets me down,what m i supposed to do then????that's a question!!!!

I wish i could cope with all these messes,but in fact i can't,and i never can,without my Mom's hand,the most suitable shoulder to cry to tears on!!!!!!!! 

01:38 AM Dec 17 2007



    hello, you are really very cute and i am very confused too. i am a college student and lead a same life as you do though make no money. Everyday i go to classroom and listen to the lessons and do my homework. Most of the teachers are missing from the world once after classroom, not easy to get close. Sometimes, i even feel life meaningless. what could i do?

   Luckily, some teachers are wealthy of knowledge and i can learn some from them. i also have friends to play toghter. and i like movies and sports. more or less,these make me lead a compratively well life.

   i am really hope you can find something intresting in life.Cool



December 11, 2007

I just random to type a grammar in Google,

would like to confirm the use is right or wrong

and then the keyword appears in the this website....

I join this, it's very brief, no need to type useless

information and easy to pass the "confirm"


Hope I can stand in this website!!


07:13 PM Dec 11 2007



An Advertisement leads me here.

so, if possible, may i talk to u soem day?