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November 28, 2007

Many are of the opinion that the Internet is inundating our children with dangerous information. There is however no doubt that the Internet represents great advances in communication and dissemination of information.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Internet and present your opinion.

Today Internet is playing an important role in disseminating information easily for us from our computer to people around the world. All too often, we have seen and continue to see Internet enable business executives who are accountable for business transactions around the clock to transmit important information from their computers in the office to their clients and colleagues in different locales. Furthermore, youths the world over who can afford access to computer and Internet often encounter the same Kongfu movies played by Jackie Chan in much the way their Chinese counterparts do in China. It seems that Internet certainly has the potential to bring great advances for humankind.

However, some people may argue that Internet is probably providing dangerous information to our children. As we are all aware, there is more information provided on the Internet than anyone could use and most of them can be easily reached. Since children are lack of self-control and self-discipline, they are more likely to be attracted by immoral and pornographic materials offered on the Internet and ultimately abandon themselves to those materials. In this aspect, Internet surely imposes a negative effect on our children. But overall, if teachers and parents are able to teach children to distinguish virtues from evils, I believe our children can act responsibly when choosing what information is useful to them and what are not.

In conclusion, I think Internet has a positive effect on the way we manage our lives. As long as we employ Internet in the right things, we can benefit a lot from applying it.

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View all entries from THE REAL ME >

02:50 AM Nov 23 2011


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05:49 AM Apr 08 2011


I agree with you in some points, but also I would like to mention the Internet gave us such useful things as cloud hosting for example.