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October 29, 2007

What's your opinion? It is quite common these days for criminal offenders to be put into the prison for a long time as a method of punishment. Whether they should be punished with length jail terms or re-educated by community service programs has long been an issue debated in both public and private sectors.

Of course, most of the people would be unhesitant to claim that those who break the law should be put into prison as long as possible, in case they continue to endanger our live and property. The reasons for holding this kind of statement may involve the recognition that some prisoners who have been released from the prison probably commit again. It would therefore seem that criminals should be imprisoned in order to protect the security of society.

However, some people may answer to the contrary, that criminals should be re-educated and rehabilitated before being set free from the prison. It is mainly due to the fact that re-educating by community service programs may enables prisoners to stop committing again. As we are all aware, criminals are often refused by most of the companies and shop owners, for people fail to believe in them. Therefore, it is impossible for criminals to get a reasonable job to support themselves after they are released. In order to survive, they commit a crime again. If prisoners are able to engage in some services in the community, including planting trees for society or telling school students how harmful it is to commit crimes, I am sure they will be able to be rehabilitated.

My view is that criminals should be encouraged to be re-educated before being reintroduced to society. To ensure the security of our society, placing greater emphasis on rehabilitating prisoners may be the best way to gain this.


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11:48 PM Oct 29 2007


I congratulate you by the way... People discussing such issues are very rare... Thank you for being a "public being"

11:47 PM Oct 29 2007


let's put the options correctly:

life imprisonment

life sentence in solitary confinement and with no possiblity of parole

death penalty

I don't know to what extent criminals could be rehabilitated. Surely it may depend on the person... I think they should produce smt in jail thereby contribute to society.

07:40 AM Oct 29 2007



In the jail, the system is like a rehabilitation, you know. The criminals work in the jail. I think they need long period to think about what they did, regret it and feel sorry to the victims.

So long term in jail is better .

07:32 AM Oct 29 2007

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