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November 6, 2007

On 3rd November, my boyfriend and I took part in the IELTS examination in Beijing Language College. We were a little late because of the traffic jam. When we got to Beijing Language College, it was almost 8:25. The gatekeeper said that taxi was not allowed to go into the college that day, so we had to run to the Teaching Building One and there was still a long way to go. I could not run fast because I have not do exercises regularly for ages. My boyfriend ran ahead of me, about 5 metres. After he checked his room number, he told me he had to enter the building whereas I just arrived at the newsletter. I checked my room number, and rushed into the gate of the building. The examiner told me that there was only 1 minute left. When I went upstairs, I was exhausted.

After we finished the examination, I asked my boyfriend why did he run so quickly and leave me behind. If he could hold me hand and run together, maybe I could run faster. We had participated in the examination before, and we went into the gate of the teaching building together that time. I asked him if it was due to we were late, so he went away on his own. He said: who set the rule that we must go into the gate of the teaching building together. Although I wasn't late at last, I am unhappy and sad. A friend in deed is a friend in need. I think this is also suitable to lovers. I think he don't love really me. When we meet some handicap, we are able to tell who is really love you and who is not. Next year, my boyfriend and I will further our study in Melbounre. I don't wanna be with him anymore. He don't love me, there is no true love between us, I think. I am so disppointed.

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View all entries from THE REAL ME >

09:56 AM Apr 08 2010


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

if i were him i'll carry u in my arms n run dont be sad u will‏ ‏find who loves u

07:04 AM Nov 06 2007


So you two must be ready for olympic games :) Hahaha to be serious, this does not seem to be a great deal anyway. It's so weird to say that "he ran faster to get to his own thing ignoring my situation, so he doesn't love me". If I were him I would dare losing time and fail in the exam in order not not to leave you behind as I could have understood easily how damaging that would be to your nerves under such a stressful circumstance. But if I were you I wouldn't judge him by his "rational" decision anyway. Coz there is a time to be rational and a time to be emotional. I think women can not think realistically as they can't distinguish between these two.

I hope you can repair your relationship soon. I do believe that your interpretation of his move as a signal of lack of love is not all about his running faster. Maybe he never showed his love towards you and this last event was a drop in the bucket for you. Who knows? But if you really love him, you should better tell him how ignorance makes you feel like and encourage him to display his love and passion (in a romantic way)

Best wishes (By the way, your english is impressive)