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November 17, 2007

                          If All the Skies Were Sunshine

                                     By H. Van Dyke

                If all the skies were sunshine,

                Our faces would be fain

                To feel once more upon them

                The cooling splash of rain.

                If all the world were music,

                Our hearts would often long

                For one sweet strain of silence

                To break the endless song.

                If life were always merry,

                Our souls would seek relief

                And rest from weary laughter

                In the quiet arms of grief.

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View all entries from THE REAL ME >

01:45 AM Nov 17 2007



I'm very lucky to meet you!

I'm Janely from Zhejiang China,nice to meet you!

I want to make friend with you and practise with you together.

Wish you have a good time!