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December 26, 2007

     LIfe is so complexed that  you can not use simple words  to give  a definition  to  him.

     Sometimes,U  think  U  can  understand it quite  well .But in  fact , U  don't understand it  at all.

     What    a   pity !We are always  be  cheated, by others as well as by  yourself.

     Who  knows! But  I know  that  I'm  getting  maturer and maturer.

      Who's  stupid? Not   U,he,nor  I.

      It's   not  our faults. This  is what  life really  is.

      Enjoy it in  your  own  way, nomatter   whatever  it  may  show   up    before U!

      "Babe,come on!"I say  to myself.All    things   depend   on  U,only  U.


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08:01 AM Dec 26 2007


May you succeed!

Merry Christmas to my possible young e-pal.

            A 1st-time chatter from Hengyang,Hunan