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December 27, 2007

This  afternoon,I  sent a bunch of  beautiful roses to  a  girl.

It's   her  birthday.I  chose  some  red  roses.And  when  I  was  on my  way  back to school,all  the  girls  passing  by looked   at  me .I  could  guess  from   their expressions  on  their  faces.  They  must think one  boy  had  sent  them  to  me.They  were   admiring me,absolutely.

My   god!How   could  I   say?I  felt  a little  angry  when someone  asked  me"Hey,who  sent  you  that?Who's  that  boy?"I  just  said  "Oh,they're  for  my  friend."

In   fact,I really  wish   that  I  could  be  sent  some  roses.But……

I   always  say   to   myself  "Wheat,you needn't   be  worried.Just  wait,there  must  be  someone  who  you  really  love  and  he also   loves  you .That's  true  love.

Rose&Love    belong  to everyone.You  must   believe  in it.And  it's   not   far  away.Love  is   easy   and  life will  also  be  easy.

Don't   worry,be  happy!

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