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December 20, 2008

  Today is the winter solstice, a very old festival in China.Peope in the south will eat the rice pyramid shaped dumplings, and people in the north will eat stuffed dumplings.Different tastes with differnent features.But they are both delicious,of course.

  I am proud being a Chinese. We have so  many wonderful things to share and enjoy.I like my country's cultural traditions.To me, they are lengends and myths which may take my whole life to read and understand.I need to cherish them.Because there is too much knowledge to learn in my country as well as that in others'.

   Maybe I need to go abroad to  learn more and make asurvive ,but my root is here.I like the people full of wisdoms and creativities here.We are family, a warm family.

    As was sang in the Olympic Games,"U and me,from one world.Heart to heart.We are family."

   I think every nation has its own excellent culture wealth.And as a chinese,I welcome more and more people to come to understand the people and the culture here,to enrich ourselves and to make our life much colorful and cheerful.

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