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December 19, 2008

consignment loan-provision 委托贷款-减值准备

consignment loan-interest 委托贷款-利息

consignment loan-principle 委托贷款-本金

unsettled G/L on current assets 待处理流动资产损益

unsettledG/L on fixed assets 待处理固定资产损益

prepaid expenses 待摊费用

provision for obsolete stocks 存货跌价准备

December 10, 2008

self-manufactured goods 自制半成品 

 finished goods 库存商品 

 difference between purchase &sales of commodities 商品进销差价

consigned processing material 委托加工物资 

consigned-out 委托代销商品

consigned-in 受托代销商品

goods on instalment sales 分期收款发出商品

provision for obsolete stocks存货跌价准备 

November 23, 2008

短期投资——股票投资  investments——short term-stocks

         ——债务投资 investments-short term-bonds

         ——基金投资 investments-short term-funds

         ——其他投资 investments-short term-others

短期投资跌价准备  provision for short-term investments

长期股权投资-股票投资 long term equity investment-stocks

               -其他股权投资 long term equity investment-others

长期债券投资-债券投资 long-term securities investments-bonds

               其他债券投资long term securities investments-others

长期投资减值准备 provision for long-term investment

应收票据 notes receivable

应收股利 dividends receivable

应收利息 interest receivable

应收账款  trade debtors

坏帐准备-应收账款  provision for doubtful debts-trade debtors