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Moment Of Truth.




November 6, 2008

Heey guys!

Uff.. it's been awhile, and wow.. account still there!
Try to keep in touch with you,
try to answer some nice messages.
Hope y'all doing good?
It become cold here over europe..
Winter's there soon, spend some nice evenings together!

See you soon.

Love, Jenny.

October 5, 2008

Hey guys.

Longer time no updates, first I've a new photo.. yaay!
Also sorry for the late/ no replies, I'm tired of nonsense messages, for which I take time, happy for a new message and read such upsetting lines. Maybe I should think of deleting my account here. It's a nice site and can't think of letting my acc untouched for a long time, maybe forever till it'll delete itself, it's a pity. There have to be other ways to meet some new people, people who I want to meet. I don't feel like changing msn addresses in the first lines we talk to each other. They jump the gun on this... That's not the way I want it. So ehm.. perhaps another chance, let my account here for awhile.

Have some nice days.

Love, Jenny 

August 23, 2008

Haiyoo everyone.

It's almost ten o'clock in the saturday morning. Ohh I can tell you of yesterday. We had a charity performance, for every kilometer we walk we get money for children who need it. The finish was in 30 kilometers. Hell, my feet hurt so much but Dana and me, we went on walking! In the end only 40 pupils arrived the finish. Of 800 pupils! We were really proud. :P When I just woke up my body hurts so much but I take the pain to help children of the world. At least I can do that for them. 

Peace for the world.

06:58 AM Aug 24 2008




01:09 AM Aug 23 2008


I think you are the most graceful and charming woman.Cool