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Moment Of Truth.

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August 17, 2008

Party, party!

My eyes look swollen. I slept on the floor for 4 hours next to the buffet. In totally brightness and opened windows the whole time. My pillow was my bag and a crazy man who jumped over me woke me up. This was the birthdayparty of my friend Anna. She is 19 now. A few hours before we chatted, danced and drunk a lot. It was really nice, maybe 70 oder 80 people came. I can remember the house before the party started. When I visit her now, her whole house is a mess, haha. I tried to help her but had to go early in the morning. I think she will remember this party a long time, it was really fun! By the way, it reminds me when I had breakfast with Anna, I said to her: "Haven't you finished breakfast yet? You're really slow!" Then she told me: "No, I'm not! I just want to enjoy life and not have to rush all the time." She sighed and continued: "Why is life always rushie-rushie?" She's a good person and teach me a lot of life. I feel happy to be with her. Hope forever.


Love. Jenny.

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