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Moment Of Truth.

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October 5, 2008

Hey guys.

Longer time no updates, first I've a new photo.. yaay!
Also sorry for the late/ no replies, I'm tired of nonsense messages, for which I take time, happy for a new message and read such upsetting lines. Maybe I should think of deleting my account here. It's a nice site and can't think of letting my acc untouched for a long time, maybe forever till it'll delete itself, it's a pity. There have to be other ways to meet some new people, people who I want to meet. I don't feel like changing msn addresses in the first lines we talk to each other. They jump the gun on this... That's not the way I want it. So ehm.. perhaps another chance, let my account here for awhile.

Have some nice days.

Love, Jenny 

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