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the Weather of my soul



Russian Federation

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July 16, 2008

Today I've worked as a plumber. I create a new plumbing from metal-plastic pipes! Of course, I didn't complete it at once. Every time when I turned on the water somewhere run the water. In the end, I removed all defects.... And I found out that my old tap was broken.

08:58 PM Jul 16 2008



HI,Iwant to make a friend with you!

October 30, 2007

Harley Davidson is a well-known brand. It's a dream of millions people and cost a whole fortune. I saw it only on photos before. Today I've seen it my own eyes in the street. It was drived on the trailer. Luxury and greatness radiated from it. I, literally, falled in love in this machine. I wish I had a Harley's motorcycle. I think when I turn grey, I'll buy Harley.

Harley Devidson 

October 25, 2007

Then colder the weather is, then more necessary changing tires are. How many type of tires do you have? One or two?
Russian people usually have two types - summer and winter tires.
In this time, when the temperature is below 7'C, crowd of people are changing summer tires to winter ones. I've bought BFGoodrich (brand). It's subsidiary of Michlen, which is counted the one of the best company. I hope my tires will use me as long as they can.