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the Weather of my soul

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Russian Federation

September 27, 2007

Today morning I went to work a bit early that usually so that I had the time before work for answering e-mail from my "English" friends. But the Internet was broken down. And I couldn't answer. I did it after works, but a lot of people didn't receive my reply.

Also I've forgotten my pocket PC, where I write diary and look for unknown words. I must leave it on my worktable. This writing I'm doing in the writing books (I think it's diary too :).
Because I'm very tired now, I'm going to sleep.
See you, my friends.

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12:19 PM Sep 28 2007



hello...how are you??? by mistake I deleted you from my gmail...Frown...I don't know how and when...

so, if you want contact with me...


by the way...Have you got msn??? - because I use google talk very seldom... 

take care ;-)

Agata from Poland ;-)