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will gao

will gao


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September 24, 2011

Hey,I am will.

I am working in beijing now.

I miss you all friends.

04:36 AM Oct 06 2015

United States

Hi dear my name is Miss Jessica, I came across your profile and I personally took interest in being your friend. I will like to know more about you. Please I will like you to contact me on my private email address at (jessicababy90@hotmail.com ) to enable me send you my pictures and give you more details about me. Hoping to hear from you soon Your friend Jessica

October 13, 2008

    I'm a junior student in college.My roommates are foreigner students in the same school.They are from brazil.

     After class,we do internation business together.Can you imaging how we make it?Acturelly,It's not difficult.It works like this:They two look for clients in brazil,because they know the quotation and market in brazil.I look for clients in China,because I know the quotation and market in China.If I find a good factory that their price and sever and everything is excellent and the client in brazil is saticefied with it.They we can sign the contract.we pay the factory 20-30% then after I check the goods we pay them the rest money.In the beginning we find Importation&Exportation co. and shipment co. to make the ducuments we need.Then we make it.

       The most importent thing is to exchange information.so we are clear what we should do next.Of course,we have to believe in our parter.

       Are you understand?

        Are you interested in Joining us?If you can find good supplier or clients,why not to do business together with us.Now maybe you are pazzled about what is good supplier and what is the clients we need.Of course,If you want to contact me,I will tell the details about what chinese need and what is populer here.In addition,you know,many goods in China is very very cheap.we can make lots of money.

         Hurry up to contact with me.weather you are a student or business man.World is small now.Impossiable is nothing

Will Gao



Mobile NUM:+(134) 8866 5438

October 13, 2008

 A good news to tell you,Ebaby! members.I passed the box Jason gave me to another person who will go west.Her name is Martina,a German girl.She traveled many places around the world.Several days ago,She lived in my place for some days.She is a nice girl.Then she went back to Germany from China,That means she will go west.so I passed the box to her.I showed her our video on E,baby! and told her the story about the box.She is very interesting and happy.I also put a letter about me inside with some pictures of Olympic Fuwa.
   Jason,and all the members of E,baby! I want to tell you all I finished my job.Now best wishes for it!Good luck.

The same wishes for you,Jason,captain Jeff,John,Jewel and Ebaby! members around the world!