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May 19, 2009

The last rose of summer夏日最后的玫瑰   Left blooming alone;独自绽放着;   All her lovely companions所有昔日动人的同伴   Are faded and gone;都已凋落残逝;   No flower of her kindred,身旁没有同类的花朵,   No rose-bud is nigh,没有半个玫瑰苞,   to reflect back her blushes,映衬她的红润,   Or give sigh for sigh.分担她的忧愁。   I'll not leave thee, thou lone one!我不会离开弧零零的妳!   To pine on the stem;让妳单独地憔悴;   Since the lovely are sleeping,既然美丽的同伴都已入眠,   Go, sleep thou with them.去吧!妳也和她们一起躺着。   thus kindly I scatter为此,我好心在散放   Thy leaves o'er the bed妳的丽叶在花床上   Where thy mates of the garden那儿,也是妳花园的同伴   Lie scentless and dead.无声无息躺着的地方。   Soon may I follow,不久我也可能追随我朋友而去,   When friendships decay,当友谊渐逝,   And from Love's shining circle像从灿烂之爱情圈中   The gems drop away.掉落的宝石。   When true hearts lie withered,当忠诚的友人远去,   And fond ones are flown,所爱的人飞走,   O! who would inhabit啊!谁还愿留在 This bleak world alone?这荒冷的世上独自凄凉?


October 18, 2008


IT是信息技术的简称,Information Technology,指与信息相关的技术。不同的人和不同的书上对此有不同解释。但一个基本上大家都同意的观点是,IT有以下三部分组成:

-----传感技术 这是人的感觉器官的延伸与拓展,最明显的例子是条码阅读器;
-----通信技术 这是人的神经系统的延伸与拓展,承担传递信息的功能;
-----计算机技术 这是人的大脑功能延伸与拓展,承担对信息进行处理的功能。


IT基础技术的提供 IC研发、软件编写 如INTEL、MS等
IT技术产品化 元器件、部件、组件制造 如精英、大众等
IT产品集成化 计算机及外设制造商 如联想、IBM
IT产品系统化 解决方案、信息系统 如华为、HP
IT产品流通 渠道、销售 如神州数码
IT产品服务 咨询服务和售后服务 如蓝色快车
IT产业舆论支持 IT类媒体 如CCW、CCID
IT产业第三方服务 各种需要配套的服务 如法律咨询、PR服务
IT后备人员培养 各种院校 如计算机专业
IT产业合作组织 各种协会、集会

March 13, 2008


Once hunger came to the village, the colony, and home of Bat. No rain fell, no flowers bloomed, no fruit grew deep in the tall forest. Bat’s people were dying of hunger and he knew something had to be done. One night Bat spread his thin wings and fluttered across the sky, searching for food, searching for nectar, searching for life. All that night he fluttered -- up and down, up and down, up and down, pumping his strong long wings frantically. He flew high and low -- constantly seeking, searching, spying for anything to eat. But wait, at one spot he smelled a tantalizing aroma coming from deep inside a tree. He found it was honey hidden away inside a huge hollow tree. Bat landed on the bark and peered around for an entrance. But even as small as he was, no matter how hard he tried to squeeze through the hole into the cavity, he was still too large to fit inside.

What to do, what to do, what to do? Bat thought all through the dark night and into the morning. And then he called on the antelope, called on the leopard, called on the elephant to come and help him. He called them to bring their sharp horns, keen claws, and long tusks. If they worked together, they could push the tree all the way over onto the ground. Push ho, push ho, push ho -- down crashed the tree with a deafening boom. And as it fell, a slim crack opened to the honey.

"Now, let’s divide the honey up. Each portion according to size," declared the elephant, remembering how Bat had beat him earlier in a wrestling match. That sounded fair and reasonable to the antelope and leopard, as they greedily realized how much smaller Bat’s meal would be.

"No, no, that won’t work!" argued Bat. "I need to return to my colony to bring them all here to share with me. If you just wait until tomorrow’s dawn, we can divide the honey by the light of day." But when night fell later on, Bat climbed inside the hollow tree and began fluttering, flapping, flitting his slender wings back and forth as fast as he could. He started screaming loudly, "Whu-uh, whu-uh, whu-uh!" The sound echoed through the forest. Faster and louder the weird noise spread in widening circles. The other animals woke up in fright, wondering what was happening around them. They had never heard anything as strange as the sound reverberating throughout the dark forest. They were so scared that they ran away in fright, disappearing into the deep night. Bat came out of the tree, well pleased with his trickery, and took all the honey home to his colony. The feasting lasted for a long time. But as for antelope, leopard, and elephant -- Bat remembers well how he tricked them out of their share of the honey and stays out of their way during the day, preferring instead to fly during the long nights in the deep forest.