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December 9, 2007

the day before yesterday we hold an english play compatition.we won!!!we are the NO.1!!!our play is "Pig guy has defeated by Monkey King"that day will become the day i will never forget!!!Tongue out



November 6, 2007

Today i read the Crazy English and saw an artical about honesty.I like it.

  if you are dishonest,it's impossible to gain other people's trust.you'll ruin your reputation and nobody will want to be frients or do business with you.on the other hand,people will respect and think highly of you if you are honest.

  if you deceive others,they are very likely to deceive you in return.if you tell the truth,other people are more likely to be honest with you.telling the truth will help you live in peace and harmony with people around you.

  always remember honesty is the best quality.honesty is always tje best policy.

Teacher said read this aloud can help me better my english.

I'll try my best to do everything.

I can because i think i can!!Laughing

07:12 PM Nov 30 2007



This is very true.  Be honest to others and more importantly be honest to yourself. 

Good luck with your English, you seem to be doing quite nicely at the moment. 

05:54 AM Nov 07 2007



I hope u can realize ur dream meet u at winter camp in crazyenglish as a member of TA

November 6, 2007

i like her very much!!!!!!!

she is so cute!!!



04:42 AM Nov 06 2007

Sri Lanka

Nice pic......Foot in mouth


04:16 AM Nov 06 2007


I watched some movies she played,and i like her too.But what a pity that i don't kown her name .Could you tell me something about her?