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Time isn't money

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August 16, 2011

Someone saids that time is money. But it's not true. Time is something more, more important and more expensive than stupid coins. We of coutse can't buy a cup of time, a bottle of moments. So this old sentence exist without any sence.

Shame that we can't catch the one moment, and we can't hide it in private place. There is one thing we can do with our monets and memories - we can remember and deram about!Smile

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02:05 AM Aug 17 2011



Without money nothing to do in this world.. money is important now

12:42 PM Aug 16 2011

Learner of Life


That is why we need different way to deal with both of them...

How to use our time is different from how to use our money!

01:27 AM Aug 16 2011

Marshall Islands

You can't buy a cup of time but you can save some of your valuable time with money. For example you can grab a taxi to get wherever you need. You can travel on airplane. You can hire some others to take care of daily chores (ironing, cleaning and stuff)

01:12 AM Aug 16 2011


Syrian Arab Republic

100% Agree :)