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December 21, 2008

I don't know how to put it all but i have to start somewhere,right?

I think life is a little strange,maybe not just life but people are strange.

First of all,I have a short story.I wanna mention about it.One day a man was walking on muddy pavement and while he was walking,he was also trying to avoid from muds.When he focused on what he left behind and a little forward more than normal,he was stepping on muds unfortunately.But he also have limited time to reach his destination.OK after a time,he become good at escaping from muds...When his time is up,he looked where he is...He realized actually the case of escaping from muds was not the real purpose,actually he was not aware of where he was going,he was not aware of the fact that sometimes he should have been running even on muds let alone stepping on them.

And Recently I ve seen a table about how people's live going in a certain country.It was saying:

when people get 18 at that country

most enter university,

study till at the age of 23,

get marriage and find a job,

they buy a house and a car,

have childrdren,

children study

get retired

having grandsons and granddaughters

they a little study and story ends.... I

 said myself"is that all?" Is whole life to finish that story?

 I dunno... This two stories also remembered me a girl on a square.Probably,she met with her friends in that square,and they was waking among a huge crowd,and when she and her friends were talking each other.After a several minutes,Since they didn't know where they r going,she asked a good question;"Bye the way,where are we going now?"...

Maybe this was asked for all people Where are whole people going?Do they know that?

Most People live as if they would never die,and die as if they had never borned before.(P)

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