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September 16, 2011

It have been a long time didn't appear on ebaby ('cause I'm always on Facebook), this place seems changed a lot.

I have graduated from unirversity two month, but I still confuse about my job, and is it truely have to be apart from dream and reality?! I always tell myself the answer is 'No', but the challenges keep on coming... I don't want to give up my dream anyway...

And I think it's time to give life some 'Chili', so bored these days .Undecided

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08:45 AM Sep 17 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D

heyyyyyyyyyyyy girl

ni hao

never give up your dreams

sometimes it needs more time to chose the right job, or to find the right job.

Look at me, I have changed very often and everytime I learned a lot new things. NOw I m going and work abroad, give my experiences to others.

Have never been in Taiwan, but twice in China. I love my chinese friends and we spent happy hours together

good luck to you

don t lose your smile