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Syrian Arab Republic

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June 23, 2011

Love,Is what I'm looking for.Loss,Is what I've found.Happiness,Is my desire.Tears,Are what have fallen.Wishes,I need fulfilled.Heartbreak,Instead takes their place. How do I express?How do I show?How do I tell?You're my inspiration. You do not know,That I care so deeply for you.You cannot see,That I am the one for you. Your face so beautiful,Your hair so soft.Your voice so sincere.Your secrets I've got. You've told me all,Held nothing back.You know I'll listen,A friendship we'll never lack. Yet you are so perfect,An angel in disguise.Your beauty as wondrous,As the stars in the skies. You've been through it all,Pain you have felt,I've been there too,Torment I've felt. I desire your love,To enter my life.You would relieve me of shame,Erase the strife. I can see you right now,Your smile, ever so clear.Your enchanting eyes glancing,Giving me no fear. When around you I'm at peace,Nothing better in this world.Yet you still cannot see,That you and I are meant to be. I admire your life,For you live it for God.You look to Him first,Putting on no facade. You care for others,You try to befriend.Yet some always try,To tempt you with sin. Still you don't give in,To the lies they sell.They treated you wrong,Made your life a living hell. I'm different than them,I will love you more.You know that I can,We've spoken of it before. Our love, it could be,If only you'll give in.Understand that I love you,A hand to you I'll lend. But now I'll leave you.Leave you to think.See that we're perfect together,And that our love would never sink.