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March 8, 2011

   there are many first time things in life. but have you ever , as teenagers, experienced the feeling of love.i did .now let me give you some description of mine. acoksy is a cut boy with whom i grew up. and he is the neighbor of us. when i was young, i had the evey feeling toward him. i was not sure whether he likes me or not. but this after , i know the answer. at the very age, he liked me underground which makes me so excited. now we are lovers but never have tasted the forbidden apple. i am eager to taste it and wanna know why sex is so attractive to many people.
   that after, acoksy dated me out and he said he would give me a surprise. i am curious about . exact to say, i know what he said. every expecting it somehow. he took my hand and led me to the very place where we always played in childhood and seldom people came. he asked me to lie down on the soft grass. and he lay beside my very side. the sun is very bright with the light clouds foating in the sky. i am eager to and feel very shy and even can hear my heart beating. he said he love me so much and i said did. he raised his head and stared into my eyes emotionally. i am lost. he slowly and light undress me one by one. untill my beautiful body enjoy the sunshine. i saw the wild in his eyes. at that time i said this is my first time. he felt greatly pleased. he gently touch my body and my pussy and everywhere.  he kissed my lips and put his wet tongue into my cute mouth. that taste very weird and the feeling can not put into words. but i like it. ours tongue plays each other. he kissed my pussy very hard and maked me so hard.later on, he said gently he came. he put his root slowly and light into my pussy. at that time, i was attacked. the feeling is just like getting an electric shock and something like that. for the first time , that is very hurtful. i do not like it . because that is not like the feeling people said and i do not know why people like it so much. he twist his root roughly. later on , i feel it . it can not be put into words. amazing. till now i know it.
   from that afternoon , i turned into a woman from a girl.i am lost. i suddenly feel guilty. and just like the fallen angel. miserable. but he said he will love me more which comeforts me a lot. maybe this is the cost of curisoty. and the cost of growing up , the cost every girl will pay in life sooner or later. but from this, i get a lesson that keeping the purity and never never to give up it carelessly or you will pay it.

March 8, 2011

      it is said tht love is bittersweet but i can not understand why people so so .it sounds somewhat contradictory. the best way is to understand it , maybe it is looking for someone to be in love with. it seems ridiculous but does work.

     to feel love , to feel making love. it is also said that making love is perfect, it that really?what is feel of making love . wanna taste it all.

     ok , if you hv the experience , can you tell me ?

05:53 AM Mar 08 2011



thank you Alvinn, it is so kind of you my friend. and with your words, i got it. thank you again.

02:02 AM Mar 08 2011


Love is bitter sweet from the experience of people's real life, nothing is sweet forever and bitter too. sometimes sweet sometime bitter like ups and down comes in every relationship.  for everyone love meaning is different in words but in feel i think same, love make life different and  more beautiful, that love is any kind of   all are necessary for live and makeing life beautiful. I believe love is sweet. without face bitter how we know meaning of sweet like without thirst we don't know value of water... 

you can taste love the way you want :) good luck.