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November 13, 2007

1. Lungs & Big Intestines share the system . If one or the other is infected or sick , the other will also be sick.

2. When the Liver is in pain, there is not much signs or symptoms to be detected. Before many cancers happen, usually the Liver will be the first to get sick.

3. Liver filters out the poisons and it attacks all other viruses in the body.

4. 99% Chinese have weak livers as they eat a lot of meat, and high  fatty foods.

5. The Liver 's repair time is effective from
11pm - 3am. Therefore, sleeping late after 11pm & Having late night supper 2 hours before sleep especially high cholesterol and high fat foods weakens the liver as it does
not have sufficient time to rest and regenerate. Even when one sleeps in later in the morning to replace loss sleep will not help.
6. If you get very hungry just before bedtime, eat some fruits & vegetables which is easy to digest. Meat takes about 4 hours to digest before it goes into the intestines. Meat cooked in oil takes about 12 hours before going into the intestines. This will provoke the Liver & the digestive tract to overwork in filtering the toxins thus you will tend to feel very tired when you wake up in the morning.

7. Oil is the main culprit that will weaken the functions of the Liver and damage it. Medication cannot cure Liver problem and it will damage it even further.

8. Cold-pressed Olive oil , carrot, cucumber, raw chili, garlic, onion, little bamboo salt/sea-salt, radish, pumpkin and small fish are good for the body. Sesame oil is ok.

9. Food-preservatives , Food colourings , Bee Hoon is processed with Aluminium (causes Dementia) , Bleach, syrup, Pesticides are bad for Liver health. Wrong medication can shrink and damage the Liver badly. Radiation from Microwave oven destroys all nutrients in the food.

10. Western medication is bad for the Liver. Chinese medication is bad for Kidney. White radish will disable the effects of the Chinese medication.

11. Sleeping late for children is unhealthy as it weakens memory and intelligence.

12. Best Healthy times to sleep is
9pm especially so for people who are sick or recovering from it and do not sleep later than 11pm. Lots of rest is good for the Liver to recover. When using eye-cover during bed-time ,use only pure-cotton and do not use Rubber, latex material.

13. A Detoxification Diet helps the Liver & Intestines to recover fast. Natural fresh foods are best for the Liver and overall well being. Do not rely on packed, bottled or canned health foods/ vitamins as they lack a lot of natural and essential vitamins which can only be derived from pure, unprocessed natural foods.

14. A balance of mental/emotional state of mind is very important to the total well-being. Too much Stress of all kinds, loud noises/music, anger, irritation suppressed for too long, pessimism, depressive moods, no goals in life, feeling life has no value or blaming the World & Everyone else for his life will further weaken the body system. When the Liver is unhealthy, the person usually has a bad temper and gets easily angry or

15. Giving out Gas, perspiration and urine are ways of purging out the toxins from the body. Do not use too much of air-conditioners as they suppress the body from perspiration. This natural way of purging helps to
reduce the load of the Liver. Open the windows for fresh air.

16. Give Warm to any part of the body that is in pain will help ease it or soaking in a bathtub of warm water up to waist level will also help. Be careful if you have heart problems, do not soak up to heart level or else
you might feel uncomfortable as your heart might get too stimulated.

17. Brown rice , wheat, oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam and maize but we must be careful when buying these foods as they contain great amount of Pesticides. Maize and Brown rice contains B complex vitamin but be careful as Maize these days, has a lot of Pesticides in them too. Organic foods are

better alternatives but they are more costly.

18. Blood A type has higher chances of Cancer diseases.

19. Blood O type has higher chances of Liver diseases.

20. Women Live Longer because they are more even-tempered due to their menstration cycle expels the anger suppressed inside. It is better not to talk when a person is feeling very angry at that point of time. Breathe very slowly for 7 times and just smile.

22. Gastric problem is also associated with ingesting too much meat and high fat foods.

23. Heart & Uterus are linked together. Drinking 3000cc - 4000cc of good filtered water with a healthy detoxifcation diet will help keep them healthy too.

24. There is no need to go for unnecessary check up.  X-rays, CT scans(radiation is 5x-6x higher) are bad for the body as it kills thousands of cells and thus weakens the body further. Cancers & diseases are sometimes quite hard to detect in your Yearly Health checkups or blood tests. By the time they are detected, that particular part of the body has already been quite damaged. Always get a second opinion from another doctor before proceeding with the recommended surgery. If it is Liver disease, medication will destroy it further. Go on a proper detoxification diet and sleep by
9pm daily will help the Liver to recover much faster.

25. Vegetables and Fruits are high in Vitamin C which will help detoxify the poisons in the body, thus helping the organs to recover during the detoxification. Drinking lots of water 2000cc - 3000cc will help the Liver
as Urine is one way of detoxification.

26. Morning hours between
5am - 7am is the best time for Bowel movement otherwise the intestines might absorb the poisons from the digested matter to be distributed to the rest of the body and thus slow poisoning of the body will occur. This will result in the body getting sick.

27. Using Kelp Powder mix in water can help to stop itchy scalp.

28. Stones in gall-bladder, liver, brain, etc.. are usually poisons accumulated from animal protein and oily foods.

29. Minerals - calcium, iron strengthen the kidney/ bladder.

30. A Person having Mild Liver or Kidney problems can eat Fish & Beans. Only after 4 months of detoxification diet.

31. If the whites of the eyes are Yellow means You might have Liver & Gall Bladder problem.

32. Red vegetables or fruits are good for the Brain and the Heart.

33. Yellow vegetable or fruits are good for Digestion. Be careful when choosing. Cabbage and Banana are good but they may have lots of pesticides.

34. Low Blood pressure is ok as long as the individual feels fine and healthy.

35. Having Pimples may mean that the toxins in the blood cannot be purged out.

36. Exercise in preferably done in the morning as there are lots of oxygen from the trees and plants. Night time is not advisable as there are lots of carbon dioxide coming from the trees and plants. Afternoon is too hot. After 40 years old, try to do light exercises like long distance walking and not to do heavy exercises.

37. Having Headaches may mean weak pump of blood/energy from the Heart shows lack of oxygen.

38. Black under eyes means Liver & Kidney are weak.

39. For Arthritis problem, eat High vitamin C , kelp and detoxification diet.

40. People with Breast or Uterine cancer must not eat sea-cucumber or salty foods.

41. High-water content fruits are easier to digest.

42. Exercise is good for the heart.

43. Use as few electrical appliances and household items in your homes. In the long term, they can cause radiation exposure and ruin your health especially your Television set, radio, huge sound system. Don't place them in your bedroom otherwise, you might find difficulty in sleeping thus feeling very tired in the morning. Also, try not to watch too much TV or surf the computer for a long time especially children otherwise in the long run, the radiation from the TV & computer might cause loss of memory and intelligence. Do not switch on the lights in your home or else too much of light exposure overhead might also be damaging to your body especially if you have not been very fit or healthy in your lifestyle.
44. If you want to take a bigger step to a truly healthier lifestyle, please use only stainless, ceramic (without lead), glass for your cooking, eating utensils. In the long run, Aluminium materials will give U dementia.
Also get rid of your non-stick pans and cooking utensils as the coating will eventually fade into your food which cause poisoning. Use water to cook your food lightly. Overcooking your food will cause it to loose most if not all of its nutrients.

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