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agnes Long

agnes Long


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June 17, 2006

sometimes, by chance, we happen to meet strangers from afar.

friends are what we have become, strangers we no longer are.

we have become friends because that's what we're supposed to be. it doesn't have to make any sense, but it does to you and me.

i'm glad we met and bonded. i'm glad for the smiles we share. i'm thankful that i have a friend and i'm glad that you also care.

it matters not how far apart the lands in which we live. what matters most to me,my friend, is the friendship that we give.

09:37 PM Nov 30 2007




u have a very nice picture

 i wanna make friend with u

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12:18 PM Oct 12 2007


fantastic words!

10:11 PM Aug 01 2007




10:23 AM May 24 2007


United States

dats a good poem!

June 16, 2006

i was extremely happy yesterday,'coz i had two new friends on msn. one is nick, from los angelise america. the other is derbeder, from turkey. oh,i really miss them.

actually i forgot the time when talking with them. they're so talkative that i had to tryhard to find a topic. i sent some photos of my trip within the country to them. it seemed that they were very interested in china. they love the beautiful scenery. derbeder also showed me some pictures of turkey and told me something about this magical country. i really hope that i can visit turkey some day and taste the delicious ice-cream there.

well,nick is really a nice guy. he talked to me about my major and himself. he's energetic and kind. i think he experienced quite a lot,'coz he knows lots of things about the world. and he's a chinese fan. he wish he can come to china and know this country more

ok,the weekend's coming, but i have to go over my lessons. i'll keep in touch with them on my msn. miss you, dear nick and derbeder!  good luck to u!

June 15, 2006

it's raining again. guangzhou is always wet in this season.but i want sunshine badly!

how's today? not bad,not good. because the final exam is drawing near and i haven't  prepared well. i just feel scared of my maths!oh,it's terrible! anyway,i'll try my best to go over all my lessons and do well in the exams!

although it's a bit nervous,i feel really excited because i've got mails from my two new friends:marky and rickfeng.it's fantastic to communicate with them.hope they can enjoy themselves and have a nice day!

look forward to hearing from them!