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March 13, 2013

hello, im intresting in makeing some international project, nothin long, just one song, if your creativ, and inspired by this text, i really cant wait to hear your interpretation,it can be just main melodic, or even notes, or acords, maybe u already have some melodic wich u dont know why born,well, maybe thats the anwser...  and hey! its all about  fun here  :)

eyes pretendent not to be yours

where is the soul

moves are not born

The real world is there

above our heads

watching our steps

fakes our deathes

wich gives our paints

a virtual sense

for those who gave up

for those who get lost

for those who are here

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View all entries from My stupid blog >

03:54 PM Mar 15 2013


and thx for the interest !

03:53 PM Mar 15 2013


oh, and i invite you to maybe try at least play with me :) and by the way , this is the situation what about i was talking, text ,feelings wich pushed me to write this werent something positiv accually, but still want make it sound good,and have some fun with it, coz i shouldnt be so close to write lyrics and music by myself :)

03:50 PM Mar 15 2013


hey, i know what you mean of course, but in music you have to feel free, you got to feel the pureness of notes, when you are haveing fun with it its more sensitive,more spacious.You can for example create music when the inspiration is bad feelings but, still you have to haveing fun with the rythm ,style,groove, than its a good music-when its unpredictabble

11:56 AM Mar 15 2013



Life is not only fun, it is the real deal and it has purpose. I'm glad that I know my purpose.


Thank you for the blog.