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May 14, 2014

Well, i just want to start from the begining, becouse this site is like some kind of freaking relationship, not very constructive, maybe im not mean to be a blog writer, or just im too lazy, but the true is that im breakeing up with it and comeing here again, maybe with some new knowlage about world and myself and things, maybe a little bit smarter every time,but im haveing this account on ebaby for like couple of years now, i had it even before my facebook profile, but i cant write here fluently, and i cant keep me writing, and 'living' through this page. So im starting now agan, asking anybody to know something about Tibet, becouse im into this topic right now, and looking for people who are interested in that topic also. And mayb this time, ill not waste our time by not replayng to masseges and so on, but  bring our self some kind of profit... wich i wish all of you. Good luck people!

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