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September 4, 2013

I have heard someone said that we should learn English (second languange/foreign language) as we learn our native languange.

We start from Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Just like babies, when they were in their mom pregnancy, they heard a lot and when they were born, they tried to speak from sounds who elders don't understand till elders understand what they are saying as they are growing.

As they grow, they entered school and learnt how to write and read words, sentences, paragraphs, stories, etc.

People had even able to communicate with their native language each other before they entered school.

I have heard someone said that people communicate is just like football

when the ball comes to you, you should response quickly

when people talk to you, you should respone quickly, otherwise, people may think that you ignore them.

Maybe, to be able to communcate in English fluently, we should learn the languange as babies learn their native languange.


08:21 PM Sep 04 2013




I have been reading your blog.

I find that you're a thoughtful person。

Your English is very good ,and what's more ,you keep learning.That's precious.

Turst yourself and do not let them get you down.

August 31, 2013

Do you want to be able to speak in English language?

So do I.

I have learnt English since I were in elementary school.

to be honest, I did not interested in English at that time.

So, I learnt english as a part of my subject in school only.

Now, I am learning English is not as a subject of school only.

I see English language as an important language that I should master.

I have tried to learn English by learning grammar, reading everything in English, Listen someone speaks English on tv or video, and everything.

Yet, this help me in my writing, reading, and listening. Yet, not in speaking.

So, I decide to search someone to talk to in english language.

Hope that this technique helps me to speak english better than now.

for you who experience a state like me, keep your spirit... :)

05:42 AM Sep 01 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

You are welcome,I agree.

04:52 AM Sep 01 2013



Thank you for your comment. I feel that listening can be effective too...

the most effective way i've ever experience...

I don't feel that the result can be seen right away...

Somehow, I feel  listening something in english gave the skills ability of English subconsiously to my mind..

08:47 AM Aug 31 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi dear, I agree with you on the fact that learning English shouldn't be something obligatory,it would be better if we ourselves start learning it .In the past I was not good at speaking English at all and one of my teachers recommended me to watch English series more than once, since using that method, I have made a perceptible progress not just in speaking but also in listening, writing and somehow in reading, at least to me listening to English series has been very effective for all four skills.