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April 21, 2013

 Against boxing? Of course you are. That's ok. It's a healthy thinking for normal human being, who with all his hands roots for pacifism. But there's one question. If this sport is based only on aggressiveness, mercilessness and on "father and mother of a thrashing", why it is still so popular and most famous boxers like Ali are really so respected in the whole world... 

You've never thought about this? I understand you, I was thinking exactly like you till the day when I began to practise it.

My teenage years were really frustrating. I was an outsider at school, sometimes against everybody. There are lots of arguements, sometimes fights. That time I didn't have a consious and magnifical response. The only way for me, I was thinking, to be saved was to fight. Not even to be respected but only to be saved. And my decision was boxing. I had a particular idea to learn special technique and then to use it. But how shocked I have been when all my plans were broken. It happened after the very first training. My mind and opinion about boxing as a sourse of fighting was comletely changed. As a result I was never the same person like I was. You may wonder what's that,do you? Ok, I can tell you. 

I'm gonna introduce you to the special boxing psychology. Here are some important moments:

1. Rules make discipline. You can't do what you want there. You have to follow the rules and do only what you allowed to by the trainer. 

2. Limit in technique. You are allowed to use the only technique that was showed by your couch or you're disquallified. 

3. Raising personal volitional powers. Just imagine, you are limited in technique and in space (a ring). You may feel like a looser or not but you should be brave on a ring. You pull yourself up and work. You have the right to quit. But this is for those who are seeking for easy ways in life. This situation is like one russian proverb where frog choose to live or choose to die. So, in a ring, where you have limited number of techniques and small space the only thing that can save you is your brain. It's llittle bit like a sixth sense.

4. A sixth sense. You have to feel your partners weak sides. Moreover you have to predict where and when he's going to hit you. And this moment is the most important. You should react and attack rightly. On this point is based the whole success in boxing. 

The most valuable message that I,personally, got is:

Physically you may tolerate any pain but finally can be broken. But what  phsychology is concerned -never. Your success is based on your thinking. If you're  broken in your mind, one can give just a fillip, and you will fall. Psychologically, if you won't  allow it, you will never be won.

After boxing experience I had never been thinking about fighting with another people. If they are not professionals, it's  just not fair. Boxing minuses can appear only if you break these rules. That's it. 

I respect this sport and consider it to be one of the best types.  It helps not only physically but teach and raise you as a person.