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June 9, 2009

exam is coming .but my classmates want me to join them to play basketball.i am interested in this sport,but this afternoon , i plan to individual study . i dont want to fail in the exam but i dont want to frustrate my friends more ,so enjoy the basketball 

this afternoon,

10:27 PM Jun 14 2009


Sometimes it is difficult to do the provisions of a person, they can listen to their deepest thoughts in mind, this you will not regret making the provisions of friends! Filling it!

11:04 PM Jun 09 2009

hsuan chang

Life is short, enjoy your life in every single second.  So do what you want to do...or you will  regret... 

June 9, 2009

next week,our school will hold the exam of digital  electronic technologh,which is a extremely difficult course,so i am busy prepare the exam.

hope i could pass the exam smoothly...

08:46 AM Jun 09 2009

Fish Chen

Fish Chen

hehe,i am the same major, but i have graduated for two years. the exam is not so difficult as you think. when you pass it you will think it just so so.

Good Luck 

June 7, 2009

with the rapid development of science and technology,our life is becoming increasingly smaller.i want to make friends from diffrient countries and diffrient classes.Thanks to the platform,we could exchange culture at will.in brief ,welcome to add me...