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September 19, 2009

After SUMMER, AUTURM comes to Hangzhou. 

The sunshine is bright ,and the weather is cool.  

as if saying hello to me, yes, I am coming!


July 18, 2009

not knowing why, home is sometimes very far away from me,  but,sometimes when i am tired of the life in the city full of lights,buildings and cars, i will have a strong desire to go back home. as if it is a place that can cure my soul and ,add fuel to my spirit.

east or west, home is the best.

Chinese have a strong feeling for their hometown.  whereever they go, however they are, home is always the best place for them.

home is not not only a place to live, it is also a bay for the lonly soul.

July 8, 2009

long tome not coming here. do not know why, but the past days  were full of darkness to me, no sunshine, no hope. if the most precious thing is lost , what to live for?

however, the dark days will always go past, and the sun will come out.  there are still many good things and good friends i cherish, only the most important one i can never find any more.

goodbye, the past days. goodbye my love.