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February 17, 2008

      once,someone asked me my viewpoint of definition of friendship.at that time,i just answered roughly,"it's the realationship among the people who are willing to share their sorrows and happiness,and it's a kind of relationship much different from the feelings among relatives and lovers" however,when i pick up this issue again,i find that it's not so simple as i thought.

    friends can sort into several species.let me see,more than 5 kinds.it's utterly rather complicated.

    first,we have convenient friends who account for a large proportion in our friend group.what's the meaning of convenient friends,u may wanna ask.let me tell u.check ur phone booklet and u'll find the answer.in the list,is there anyone who u are not acquaint with,or even only know by his/her name or job ? they are the person i mean by convenient friend.they can be ur neighbours,business partners,person who gives u a hand occasionally,and so forth.on the whole,they are the person who are available to offer u some kind of help and that's just what u wanna get from this relationship--the convenience.so u just connect them  when u realize it's nacessary.

     apart from that,in the course of receiving education,u will make friends with ur classmates,schoolmate or some professors.u would exchange some academic or life experience with each other.besides,if u get a job,u could come to know some good fellows and communicate with them frequently.these friends can be arranged into growth-compannions.although they are put into two parts,there's something in common.that is even u don't connect with them frequently,ur friendship can come back to the usual way as soon as u get in tounch with them again.

    this article haven't been finished yet.i'll continue next time...

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