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July 16, 2008

  • My parents and many friends all think that i'm cut for being a teacher.Even my teacher said that i had so called teacher style when i gave my first formal lesson.Am i really suitable for being a teacher ?
  • In order to have a meaningful summer holiday and btw check the puzzle as to whether teaching is right shoes for me, I put forward to give 5-day free teaching to the students in a primary school.
  • Fortunately,we coordinated with each other well. We all spent good time together.of course,for lack of experience, I got the problem in the first class. I didn't prepare well so that i felt nerves and helpless at the beginning of the lesson. Thanks Godness ! The idea of playing games to elimilate embrassment and to promote the realtionship between students and me at the same time,jumped into my mind.
  • Teaching primary students english is not a piece of cake coz the purpose of teaching doesn't focus on how much students learnt but on aspiring students' interest in english learning.That's what counts.
  • Thus,as a teacher,i have to come up with different intresting methods to draw their attention and firetheir imagination.therefore,fnally,they can drive themselves to learn it. All of these take much time and energy .Nevertherless,meaningful days also come.
  •  Although the this short-term teaching is over now,i still can feel the joy in the teaching.
  •  Then as for the question,whether teaching is where i'm belonging to ,i think maybe it is. But learning from this experience,i know that even someone is not cut for something, he/she still can achieve the goal with great efforts, and this, is what i really learnt.

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06:45 AM Jul 21 2008


really? how do u think in that way ?but teaching is an honerable job.it would be wonderful if i set up my career in this field.however,i would rather be a flexiable person so that i can handle difficulties smoothly,no matter which position i'm in ^^