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July 16, 2008

  • My parents and many friends all think that i'm cut for being a teacher.Even my teacher said that i had so called teacher style when i gave my first formal lesson.Am i really suitable for being a teacher ?
  • In order to have a meaningful summer holiday and btw check the puzzle as to whether teaching is right shoes for me, I put forward to give 5-day free teaching to the students in a primary school.
  • Fortunately,we coordinated with each other well. We all spent good time together.of course,for lack of experience, I got the problem in the first class. I didn't prepare well so that i felt nerves and helpless at the beginning of the lesson. Thanks Godness ! The idea of playing games to elimilate embrassment and to promote the realtionship between students and me at the same time,jumped into my mind.
  • Teaching primary students english is not a piece of cake coz the purpose of teaching doesn't focus on how much students learnt but on aspiring students' interest in english learning.That's what counts.
  • Thus,as a teacher,i have to come up with different intresting methods to draw their attention and firetheir imagination.therefore,fnally,they can drive themselves to learn it. All of these take much time and energy .Nevertherless,meaningful days also come.
  •  Although the this short-term teaching is over now,i still can feel the joy in the teaching.
  •  Then as for the question,whether teaching is where i'm belonging to ,i think maybe it is. But learning from this experience,i know that even someone is not cut for something, he/she still can achieve the goal with great efforts, and this, is what i really learnt.

06:45 AM Jul 21 2008


really? how do u think in that way ?but teaching is an honerable job.it would be wonderful if i set up my career in this field.however,i would rather be a flexiable person so that i can handle difficulties smoothly,no matter which position i'm in ^^

February 23, 2008

    i think this subject is rather close to everyone's life,coz everyday we lost something.that's really a truth.  

    should we say losing is something bad?

    everything is double-edged,and it is ture of this stuff. i'll give u an example.for the same thing,breaking up with the pereson u loved,the hardest thing to accept in ur life jounery.it can be bad but also good.

    it can be a sad,even breaking-hurt thing,coz we attach much importance to the results.most people regard "no pains,no gains" as a principle of love.so they hold the view that since they have spent much time,energy and emotion feelings on this relationship,they should gain the happy ending.when they enounter the crises of romantic relationship,then break up, they feel quite frustrated.it's natural.losing someone u love is what everyone tries to avoid.and it takes time to cure the hurt.

     on the other hand,losing him/her doesn't mean that it has nothing beneficial to our life.citing the example of breaking up as well,losing him or her is not the end of the world.taking guts to face the reality is the thing what we really should do.otherwise, u'll lose more.and after u understanded this, u can find that u r wiser now,coz u know urself better and know how to face the losing.we draw the lessons from the life and obtain the experince.it's the process of our growth.

      life is full of ups and downs.every minute,we are losing something.it can be a person which is very important in ur life;it also can be something u missed,such as a smile,parents' caring,an opportunity,ect.and of course,our time is losing all the time !

      whatever we lost,we ought to confront with the losing,with an optimistic attitude.if we can't hold it,why not loose ur hand and let it go.that would not only be good for it/him/her,but it also would be a nice option for urself.

       no one knows what would happen in the future,maybe losing at this time is for the sake of gainning better results in the future !

February 19, 2008

 'm in the deep sorrow these days...

i breaked up with my present bf two days ago.i cried terribly.

he brought up the breaking up, he said his ex-gf,that american girl,she called him and wanted to heal their relationship and she said she would come to china to find him.he had a big reaction,but he didn't know what to do.he asked me what he should do?


when i heard this,i was so angry and sad.i was angry coz he never thought that his hisatation of our love would definitely break my heart.before getting together with him,i had  two love relationships,and both of them didn't last long--no more than one year. i do believe it was all my fault,coz i was so shy and was so inactive to express my love feelings,finally,the relationship didn't go on well.at last, i put forward the breaking up at last,coz they became inactive too apart from that i couldn't find the love feelings any more.there was no need to continue otherwise, good things will turned out to be bad things...


 however,this time,i do have the strong love feelings,and i do spend my heart and soul to maintain this relationship,i know there must have some difficulties between us,nevertheless,i'm eager to try. i'm willing to pursuit the happiness i get from him.i really love him and i hope to cherish every moment i spend with him.

and he also loves me as he said,why we can't get together.coz he love that american girl more?


i don't think in that way .i think he just wanna recove the things he lost last time.

that girl brought up breaking up with him and left him for america,right now she give him a call and wanna pitch up with him.

what's he want? he just wanna get the things he lost ! 

he still tell me that he loves me ,but he wanna choose her.that's really rediculious !

i'm not sure whether his internal heart thought in that way,but i do think it's mostly possible,he don't love that girl in the way he used to .


 last night ,he asked me a question,whether i'll accept him again,after he find the choice he made was wrong.


i said love is not a game,in which we can choose the role randomly.and there's no such thing that when u find u can't go through from this way and u can return the way u missed in the love jounery.i told him i won't give him the answer,for i'm cautious about the love.

i think i was so stupid,i should say no !

but i haven't,i know i still love him and it's so deeply.what's worse,i told him that i won't build up any love relationship with other guy in my later college life.what a silly choice,what a fool promise.!

maybe u'll say he don't deserve my love,but i just can't help thinking in that way and telling him that.i wanna give him another chance ! i don't wanna lose him !

i'm so confused about my feelings now.what should i do.i'm in such a damn predicament !

maybe i'm bound to be single. even though i have tried so hard,and we really get the feelings from each other,the results is still so bad,so disappointed.what the heal the love is ?

is there any other guy in the world who deserve my love? i wondered....coz he was so perfect in my heart ...


i think i'd better try to get this stuff out of my head,i do need a clear head to do my study now.otherwise,i'll jam myself in the dark corner.

time will heal my hurt and distracting my attention from this would be good to me.

without him,my life is still colorful;without him,the earth is still revolving all the time;without him,i still need to eat...hehe,it's time for having my lunch now^O^


have u watch the film called my fair lady,Catharine Hepburn,my favorite actress played in it

there's such lines like i wrote" without......i still can.....;without .....,we still can ...." i think in the our real life jounery,we truthfully need such an atitude sometimes.it's better for us to survival from the hurrible things.

after all,life still goes on...on and on...

i planed to send my song 'fly to me'to him when summer comes,but right now,i think there's no need to do that...