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Russian Federation

May 15, 2009

Hey! I managed to remember my password! I am very-very-very clever. And cool. Oh, have I forgotten to say that I am beatiful?;)

Anyway, I decided to clean my ebaby!page - to upload new photos, to say hi (HI!!!) to everyone who wanted to communicate with me (well, it's been a while since I was here last time, eh?), and to *ta-ta-tam* begin my first blog in English.

It was my obsession to do something like that, ever since I saw Hele's LJ blog and thought 'hey, I can do something like that too!'. Of course, my level of English is not as high as hers, but practice makes perfect, right?*thinking* Plus she is six (or is it seven?) years older than me. I guess it does make a big difference.

...Oh, oh, oh, good news!!! I got a 92% on my Russian test! And Universal State Exam, none the less! It was experimental one, but still... I am very pleased:))

Though I was lucky in my composition topic. While everyone around was writing about architecture, sailing vessels and all like that, I had to write about friendship ^^ It was much easier, I tell you :)

Now just some more Geometry tests to go -- nevermind Literature composition -- and I'm free!!! It's time to look through my term marks because, as far as I  remember, there are some problems with History... Heh, and I wanted so much that I would be failing only in that hateful Geometry. Ugh!

 My family is leaving for dacha. I'm staying with my dog here -- alone for the whole weekend! *is very happy*

So, I guess I'll go and see 'Whisper of the Heart' at last. Yey!


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