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August 18, 2009

Chrashing thunders, not hearing them sing. Clashing diamonds who couldn't find a ring. Salty water, trapped in the eye, though she couldn't find a reason anymore why to cry. The girl in the mirror, invisible to see, but hey that's just me.

August 18, 2009

you're living the perfect life, while i'm living my perfect lie. you'll never see, the distance meeting the difference between you and me. i need to accept, the fact, that you have everything i never had. but still i know you feel like nothing's changed, while im trying to fight free from all the locked chains i helped you through rough, tough and still not enough. just imagining the future that once was past, still wishing that it would have last. but daydreaming won't keep me awake, so meanwhile trying to make, something that will never break. but i know nothing lasts forever, and forever never lasts. so i will be okay, i guess..

April 19, 2009

it's hard to see that everything is changing..  your friends going different ways while you still feel kinda lost. the time you spent together felt confident and save, but now you realize you are own your own. making choices is hard, but still something you have to deal with all your life. i'm in the stage of my life where i have to decide what my future will be while i'm 17 only years old. i hardly know who i am, who i want to be and where i want to go in my life. i'm still trying to figure that out while the pressure of others is lying on my shoulders..  but i will never show my pain nor difficulty.

they will never see me cry, the scars i'm wearing will not be shown, never.

11:49 PM Apr 19 2009



i like it so much.

cause in the same age i was lost too.

your words are very strong.

nice topic annmk.

i hope you find the way.