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December 15, 2007

Hello everyone!


I've been to Koln yesterday and it was amazing! Koln is a city  (? dont know whether you can call it a city or not but I suppose) in Germany. I visited the Dom which is a very big church, koln is known for the Dom. I went there with school for a project but obviously I didn''t do very much because I was too busy with having fun with my friends. I've improved my german a bit but it already was sufficient. hehe.  However it's a very nice city and the Gluhwein is really delicious! It's very sweet hot wine , so if you're interested, visit Germany:P. Bratwust is also very famous there that are very nasty sausages, well that's my opinion(A). The christmas feeling was very present, lights and christmas trees .. very cosy. Koln is also known for it's christmas markets '' weinachtsmärkte''. I didn't find it very interesting but it's nice to see what's going on there



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03:03 PM Dec 15 2007


United Kingdom

nice xxx

02:43 PM Dec 15 2007



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