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June 3, 2007

Hey! study day today:P I've a test and an account so I've nothing intresting to tell this day either:P   

My account about When summer comes

It's not my type of book but it was my teatcher who ave us this books, It's a very easy book to read hehe:P Enjoy!


When summer comes.

 Stephen and Anna are tired of the city and need to get away from all stress and noisy cares.   Anna is a nurse and Stephen works at an agency. They decided to take a break and go to a village by the sea, they hire a room at the Dolphin cottage that Tristan is an owner to; he’s a fisherman and take visitors in the village to trips everyday.    They become friends with Tristan and a couple of days after they had arrived Stephen get a call from his agency and need to go back to the city, if he don’t want to loose his job.   During that time Anna spend a lot of time with Tristan and the night before Stephen was coming back Tristan and Anna was kissing each other. Anna was never getting to tell Stephen about the kiss.    Stephen and Anna had decided that they want to by dolphin cottage and that was okay for Tristan too. Tristan’s ex girlfriend was visiting and Anna was a bit of jealous, but she left the same evening and Anna was going to fish with Tristan and they did forbidden things at the boat.  It was unforgiving to do something like this to Stephen and she was very confused and afraid to tell Stephen.       Stephen was going to fix with the paper who was important to sign before they got to by the cottage so Anna went home to the city to take care of her job and the apartment, on the way home she was crying about what she had done to Stephen and when she came home Tristan called and told that they cant by Dolphin cottage cause he is never going to change he’s feeling for Anna. And she never changes feelings for him; they can’t live with each other in the same village.    The next movement she called Stephen and says that she going to miss the city and they can’t by the dolphin cottage.   


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