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June 13, 2009

Catholic, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist? It doesn't matter the value of women is all the same...a natural predisposition to play roles as mothers...does it mean we don't have the right to work outside home? I think is even and even more difficult every time to find men who support us, value us and respect us. Why do we have to carry on the responsility of a family alone?  Wouldn't it be better to share responsibilities of bringing up children? What are we? sexual objects, slaves or human beings with feelings and dreams? Kiss

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01:38 PM Jun 13 2009

*** NANA ***

women usually carry the responsibility

more than men ..

maybe because women are always

around the kids she can look after

them and learn them ..

but men have to carry at least a particular

part to rise their kids..

they have to share every thing ....