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My Native Place

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July 16, 2007

Mother is one of pleasant and very kindness. Since my childhood, she was careful with full kindness. And, mom was never faithless on son and daughter.
    Everybody never forget on your mother. How was mom loving too far from your happiness, your sad onf of measure.
     Every mom have power of surprise. Mother was firm kindness to understand difficult one of steep. How foolish to our, mom great love never decrease. Your everytime attendance school for safety she was alway pray.
      Mom great kindness for recognize one year once "Mother day" was held, I have seem not enough.

"Mother's purest, strength, wisdom and idol"

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05:33 AM Jul 28 2007


Morther love neither different country nor relagion.so mother love is always truth. in the civilized world ,needs for it as your mother love