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My Native Place




July 6, 2007

I got up early, at 6;00  O'clock on Sunday. On that day, the weather was fine. And i went to Aung Min Galar Highway Bus Terminal with my cousin to collect a hand-basket sent by my home. In the hand-basket, there were  oil, mangoes, foods and assignment for attendance of fourth year in Law major  of  UDE. Then, I watched  Video movie. I haven't VCD. So watched it with my computer. The actor is Kyaw Ye Aung. The actress is Soe Myat Thu Zar. The  tittle of movie is  Ywet  pone thee'. When  the movie  ended, I was  a little  sleepy. Then, I  read  a book of  Eng. It is' Grammar in use' and listened to Family Album USA CD in English. At night, i paid respect to Triple Gems, The Buddha, The Dhamma and The Samgha. And then, i told the beads by reciting the virtues of the Buddha. And i went to bed at 11;30pm.

05:36 AM Jul 28 2007


hi asumon


it was great to see your blog.what are you doing everysaturday. 

11:20 PM Jul 11 2007


United Kingdom


you looks like one of my friends in my college.

can you tel me your true name?

you can contact me by msn: lifei_han@hotmail.com

10:19 PM Jul 10 2007


Nice your blog!

But you need a little grammar usage.OK!


July 5, 2007

SmileI am a computer operator who works at eTrade Myanmar Co.,Ltd. I usually arrive at the office at 8:45Am.I have to work  from 9;00 AM to 4:30 PM except Saturday. My duty is to post daily news online. There are different staffs in the office such as editor, translator, computer operator. I usually go home at 5:00pm except Saturday. I am busy only on Saturday for I have to clear  weekly news and news paper only on that day.I am the person who speaks just a little in the office.

12:50 AM Jul 06 2007


Hi, asumon,

 I'm Rain and I'd like to know something about you and your work. If you will, this is my email or MSN,


 Thank you.



July 4, 2007

I live in Myanmar. I worked at Yangon in eTrade Myanmar Co.,Ltd in MICT Park. I am 19 years old.I was born  on 14 of Feb.in1988.It is valentine day.I am not pretty but my mind is clear and I am  little fat. My face is serene. I will attend 4th year of Law Major of  Magwe University next October.I stay with my uncle and my cousin sister in Yangon now. My parents live with young brother  in my village.My father  is 48  years old  and my mother  is  45.Before,  I was a  computer  staff. My company is very  nice because I can use Internet in free of charge but doesn't get good salary.I  get 40000ks per month.It is not enough for me .Now, I am standing on my feet. Sometime, my home has to send money to me. I had attended LCCI Level II in  May of 2006.I have a plan to attend Designer course.

05:29 AM Jul 28 2007


Hi dear asumon

 I met your blog , your situation and about yourself. I knew that you stand of your own feet . as you know about myself, i am Master of Art in Colombo University and my age is 27, now i live in srilanka .for my life , i want to hard desier is to know everyboday's mind.


ko ko yaw 

09:56 PM Jul 04 2007



good and 40000ks how much if you change to us@