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My Native Place




July 4, 2007

Smile One day, We went to the Bago Town in Myanmar with office boys and girls. For a whole day, a car was lend. First trip, Bago Shwemawdaw Pagoda. I am very happy on these day. And our ate my lunch. I haven't rest time on these day. A whole day, our paid the respect of many pagoda. And finally went to the place KAMBAWZATHARDI GOLDEN PALACE. The golden place of front was taken photo me with group and with cousin. For home return present, I bought a art of painting, a money box and Bago food. About a money box bought, for money keep to attend 4th law. I haven't own flat. I am a lodger. I am
not rich, not proud and simple. I don't boast.Smile

July 3, 2007

Today,I will talk about a day.It was a rainy day.On that day,i was walking with my friends in the rain.I like raining but dislike the wet.
 And then I read a book and had a cup of coffee.I never forget on that day for my pet dog died on that day.He was killed by a car.I was so sad for my Jakey.Jakey was so lovely.He was strong and grew up with me.My parents also loved him.His death made me so sad.My lovely dog suddenly died.So I cannot help thinking about him.I will never forget him. I will love my Jakey forever

July 3, 2007

My native place is "Yin Thar Zin"village.My parents are villagers or country man and woman.I was born in Yin Thar Zin village.I am a villager.(don't boast so much)It is in Magwe division.It is dry zone.My village is a pleasant  and happy place.There is a pagoda in the east of the village, a stream in the north, the fields in the west,monastery and Basic middle school in the south.I studied from primary to grade 8th in that school.I had many class mates there.

We can see a lots of fields which sesamum ground nut, green mung bean or green gram are grown. When fields are reaped,novitiation ceremonies are held grandly in the village.Villagers are hospitable and not proud.Ceremonies like water festival , Thadingyut festival are grandly held every year.Water festival is held for three days.
 In Thingyan Akyat day, people are served Shwe Yin Aye or Mont let Saung by the young lady.There is a railway station near our village.
 It is very easy to travel. So I would like to say my village or my native place is a pleasant and happy one.