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January 9, 2009

When love was broken. I became a soulless human.
A half of my life was lost.
It was given to him and he took it away.
It made me disappionted.
I'd never take care myself, just looked backward to the past.
Dream it will return.
I've just know the true love isn't not far from me,
just only I love myself.
A half of my my life that I lost, it shouldn't be
It remains a half that I need to use.
Ask for loving myself. The life is worth more than I thought
Look at my arms, my hands and my shadow in the mirror, who am I?
Do my best for the remained life.
My heart will be full soon.


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07:50 AM Jan 28 2009


you know? Jesus loves you He has a plain in your life believe him

07:32 PM Jan 17 2009



love yourself !!!!its the most important!