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May 15, 2010

I have been Yangshuo on April this year.

It's a very beautiful places.

an old small and peace town, named Xingping.

It's small but english is very popular there, you can find restaurant, hostel...if you know english. Of course it's better you can read chinese. Laughing


a restaurant

Xingping Town Street


Lijiang River. I want to live to die there.

The water, the mountain, the trees...I like it very much. 

still is Lijiang River.


 We rent a boat to go along this river.


an older. He feeds a special bird, named fish hawk. People feed them to catch fish.


The mountain behind me named Moon Mountain.

Can you find moon there?

Bridge, lake and mountain.

West street in Yangshuo


beautiful typical shoes

Peacock. Some local people feed peacock as pet, I think.


in yangshuo



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02:16 AM May 18 2010



I went there to enjoy my holiday. It's not too far from the city i live in.

It's in Guangxi province, you can go there by train or plane.

Really very nice place and I will go there if I have a long time holiday again.

10:56 PM May 15 2010



it's so beautiful scene

10:41 PM May 15 2010



Hi there ava_ava!  I just want to say that the photo you posted of that place...wherever that is...is really beautiful.  It's really nice to have someplace beautiful and serene to go to where you can feel a little calm and relaxed.  Is it near your house or work or do you get to see that place often?  If it is...you're lucky.  People need more of those places where you could go there and just sit quietly and rest your mind.  Okay that's all.  If you're not too busy..drop me a line.  :)