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Viet Nam

January 19, 2008

It's just a few days till the Tet holidays. I've just finished almost of the final-semester exams. The result's quite good! And I'm the second in my class. Now I must sign up for an English course immediately. Actually I think it's necessary studying English more carefully to teach my little sister, bcauz she's really bad in it (worse than meEmbarassed ). And besides, still improving my Italian, especially in listening and speaking skills. There are so many Italian audio files on Internet for me to download. Oops, my bad English! Cry 

There's so cold here, in Hanoi.  

Last Friday, I learned with a very interesting teacher. An Italian. A man isn't very handsome but really enthusiastic, jolly and knowledgeable. And he hasn't been married! Surprised So surprising! And even going out with a woman! 

I've got some "Add as a friend" requests. I've accepted all! But I really don't understand that they added me for what? Actually! We became friends, just on this website, just in their and my Friends lists. But in fact we haven't even talked or chatted any times. So they've just added me for full lists??! 

wow...with me, this time, the greatest hobby - listening 2 music! But theres few new songs, hits, albums, singles..to be released...Just be back to basic! With the old songs that made and now, make me relax..Tongue out 

And hey ME, there are still so many exercises for you to do... Let's solve them! Ciao! Buona giornata! 

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