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October 25, 2008

I send more than 50 emails on Ebaby.  I wanted to take the survey on my blog.  A lot of kind people came my blog and took the survey...  My English is very poor, so I read each comments with the help of a dictionary. 

I got 25 responses to my question, and people had many different opinions.  I found same reasons. 

1. Many scientists are discussing about outer space.

2. I don't really think that people from other worlds come to ours.

3.There are many books that deals with the problem.

4. Outer space is very mysteries!!!

I found an interesting comment.  We human have two modes of life:One belongs to earth which represents our bodies and another outer space which represents soul.

Thank you very much for your comment.  I'm so happy!!!

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04:53 PM Oct 29 2008


Saudi Arabia

thanks  you are welcame

03:23 AM Oct 26 2008



yes i believe there are outer space.have you heard about CropCir-cles,like these

 it is the clandestine picture in big wheat or snow field, what happened many times in Britain, America, Austria, and Asia. No one knows who make it, even by the high technology of today.some scientists  think they are made by Aliens.i agree with them.