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December 28, 2007


We are not Christians but since my kindergartener wrote a wish list to Santa Clouse, we tried to cerebrate the holiday. I lit a Christmas tree in our living room and before Christmas Eve I also wrapped several new toys which I hid in the closet. Kids were excited about the colorful lights, candy decorations, and the tale of Santa. On Christmas Eve, my kids left a plate of cookies, a bag of sweet juice and a short note in front of the fake tree for Santa and Rudolph. I put the gifts there and cleaned the cookies and juice when they fall asleep. We were all set in the holiday mood.


            Early morning on Christmas Day, my 5-year-old jumped from her bed and swirled to downstairs. Before I could catch my Camera, I heard my daughter signed,” they are not from Santa, those are our wrapping paper!”


It was my fault. I am such a frugal person. All the decorations including the wrapping papers are from last year’s after sale. My daughter is familiar with these papers because we had used them for gifting my nephews and doing holiday crafts. I didn’t carefully protect the tale of Santa.


Watching at my little girl’s disappointed eyes; I have to edit the poor old guy’s story. I told her Santa Claus loved our crafts so he let the elves buy the same paper as ours. She didn’t believe me because she checked her pink snowman wrapping paper which has few left.


Thanks to our little baby. When he came downstairs and eyed the boxes he totted to them and ripped the covers in no time. He revealed the noisy truck and pinky princess tea set. My girl was excited about the tea set and invited her best friend from next door for a tea Party right after the breakfast.


I was so regret to ruin my daughter’s believe of Santa. It hadn’t been in her mind for one season. Last Christmas she didn’t have the idea of having gift from Santa, and this year she had been good all year…


Hey, but listen to what the girls were talking!


“So, Santa said he is run out of matching paper, and he took mine, and he wrapped it and gave to me this tea pot and all of these because I’m a good girl…”


 “And, Santa took the cookies, put the plate to cupboard, and drink the juice and throw the bag to the trash bin. Santa is very good, he knows where everything is. He is not messy.”


Santa is alive in her imagination after all.

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