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December 23, 2007

I love internet 

I love internet. It is the world of my life. When I was a young lady, the real life didn’t notice me and I was left in the shade. I thought I would leave the world to find my light that hugs me. But the light came to me through the dark of night. It was blue and silver. It shows me a new world that I could love. It guided me to the man I could love for ever. I couldn’t have been here if I don’t love internet.

04:35 PM Dec 23 2007


SmileHaha...It seems that you really like the Internet very much.Maybe we could make friends with each other, I also like the Internet,without it  I don't know what I should do on a lonely holiday.I think it really act like somebody in our daily life.Laughing

December 20, 2007

My English Study Experience


It has been many years since I stared learning English, but only recently do I get some progress on it. I declare I don’t like this language and I have never actively worked on it.

 Before I went to high school at 1989, I had been studying English for three years. But, at that time I could only recognize some memorized words and easy sentences. I learned most of the English grammar in my three-year high school. But, even as the top student in my class I could barely speak or write anything in English. It did help me though to pass the college English test level 4 at the beginning of my college. Since I had already met the graduation requirement in English in the first semester, I had been either sleeping or daydreaming in most of the English classes in the following college years. I had never realized that one day English would be so important to me until I have almost forgotten what the 26 English letters are. My husband’s job relocation changed everything in 2001, including the necessary of spoken English.


In the summer of 2001, I came to the USA with limited vocabulary. I took a Chinese airline, landed on the airport where the custom officer could speak Chinese. No surprise to us, our friends arranged us living in a college city with many Chinese services and businesses  around by. I have shopped in Chinese grocery stores and dined dim sum restaurants. I got a job in Chinese business and I make new friends with the Chinese neighbors and colleagues. There are some “foreigners” in our community, but I just show them my big smile and so do they. I hadn’t felt any urgency to learn English for several years because I didn’t plan to stay here long.


Time goes by so fast; my daughter has been a kindergartener this year. We moved into a new community in a good school district. Although we have many new Chinese neighbors here also, the public school uses English and my daughter’s teacher speaks many languages but not Chinese. Now it is the primary reason for me to study English which is to well communicate with my daughter’s teacher.

 I know I am in the good English environment. There are TVs, radios, internet offering more than enough English programs. There are plenty of native English speakers outside of my door. But, I am not an out going person and I lack the basic social skills, so among all the means I choose internet to be the primary place to practice English.

For many years, I have uesed to study by myself. Learning a language is so different and it hasn't worked in my way although I have made some improvement.