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August 2, 2011

Friends - This word signifies a weighty relationship. Friendship - It means both fun and responsibility between friends. A Friend is a person who always stands beside his friends at every situation. A friend is one who always brings smile on his friends' face. A friend is one one who never meave his friends' alone and hold their hands always. A friend is one who always understands his friends silence and never leave them alone whne they want to  be. Friendship cannot be define properly. But friends are those to whom we never hesitate to share ourb feelings, to cry and we feel ourselves totally free in front of them. And Friendship Day is the best time when we can expose our feelings, our love towards our friends. We can send them Friendship Day SMS, Friendship Day Messages. Even in case of net friends we can easily post Friendship Day Scraps, Friendship Day Greetings to wish them with beautiful quotes. Beside of this Friendship Day bands, gift items are also available in shop with a huge collection. Friends throw parties, go to pubs, clubs, many arrange programmes in their own house, many go for a short triip and spend a memorable time with their friends on this very day.

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January 16, 2011

Valentines Day is the day to convey love, a day of giving attribution to Saint Valentines by spreading love in the air, the message of love everywhere. It’s obviously a special day for lovers. Love is a sweet feeling. An unknown person becomes closer to heart, we begin to think about that person, we get eager to meet with that person, spend times with our beloved one. Valentines Day is the best day get more close, to devote ourselves to our beloved one. Generally couples celebrate it by exchanging gifts, greetings cards, and spending time together. Candle light dinner in the sea beach, or at home decorating with beautiful flowers and heart shaped balloons and with playing romantic melodious music and songs, or having dinner at any restaurants, or going for a long drive are the best way ever to spend a personal and exclusive time together. It is a also a day for those who have not yet speak out about their feelings. On this very day giving a red rose is enough to share feelings. Sometimes due to long distance many couples cannot spend times together but now in this advance era they can easily with each other by sending a SMS or scraps. People now can wish their beloved one just by sending beautiful Valentines Day Scraps or Valentines Day SMS. It is also a good way to express feelings with out saying something in a simple but touchy language and to show how much we love our special one and how much they are precious to us.

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01:32 PM Jan 18 2011


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Winkfeeling are many but words are few.

clouds are dark but sky is blue.

love is a paper,life is glue.

every thing is false,only my love is true....

I wish u have a romantic valentine this year....

December 14, 2010

Jingle Bell is now ringing everywhere as the Christmas festival is knocking at the door and the whole world is getting the colour of joy, fun and celebration. Although Christmas is the main festival of Christian community but now every person celebrate it in their own way with a great spirit and enthusiasm. People use to start decorating their houses both inside and outside sometimes prior to the Christmas day. Churches are also decorated with artificial lights, flowers and candles. People also decorate their house with beautiful lights, candles, Christmas tree, jingle bell and with stars.People use to decorate the Christmas tree with green and golden ribbons, with stars and lights.

On this very day people celebrate the evening with their family members, spend times in baking cookies, cakes and preparing dishes for a grand dinner and then go outside to enjoy with their friends and others.Many clubs, discos, hotels throw parties and youngsters gather at these place wither with their friend or with their special one to enjoy to dance with them. People also go to churches for prayer and play carol and dance with its music.They take various foods and drinks.

Santa Claus is a very interesting and mythical character and an important part of Christmas.He is famous to the children as they believe that on this day Santa Claus will come and fill their socks with gold, chocolates and gifts. So many parks remain open for children and their many persons get make up of Santa Claus and give gifts to them.

This festival brings happiness, joy, love fun along with it and make this festive season and whole atmosphere with the colour of love and joy.Now with your friends, your relatives and beloved ones with beautiful Christmas Scraps, Christmas SMS and express your unspoken feelings to them and make them feel how much they are important to you.

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04:48 AM Jan 03 2011